HVAC Maintenance Plans

Regular HVAC central air conditioner maintenance reduces your heating and cooling costs and prevents untimely and costly repairs. Seasonal HVAC maintenance inspections help prevent breakdowns when the weather is extreme and also extends the life of your air conditioning and heating system. Leaky ducts cost you money every time your A/C or heating system runs, and we will help you keep your ductwork sealed and cooling efficiently.

Our HVAC Maintenance Agreements include 2 visits a year, once in the spring to inspect and tune up your A/C equipment for our extreme Texas summer heat and once in the fall to ensure your furnace is ready for colder weather.

Our affordable HVAC Maintenance Agreements give you the peace of mind to know that your central AC system is operating efficiently and safely.

Call to set up your HVAC maintenance check for $49 per system.

  • Start-up cooling system
  • Inspect and test all safety controls
  • Inspect air handler and all accessible components
  • Inspect condenser and associated tubing for deterioration
  • Inspect the condensate drain lines and secondary drain pan
  • Inspect and clean condenser coil
  • Inspect electrical wiring for loose connections or frayed wires
  • Check amp draw on compressor and fan
  • Check run capacitor
  • Check contactor points
  • Check for proper refrigerant levels
  • Test superheat and subcooling adjusting to factory recommendations
  • Inspect the outdoor unit’s fan motor and blades for wear and tear and remove debris from the cabinet
  • Give recommendations on air filter changes
  • Answer any questions you may have.
  • Start-up heating system
  • Inspect and test all safety controls
  • Examine heat exchanger for cracks, rusting, or deterioration
  • Perform carbon monoxide check
  • Inspect and test the transformers, relays, contactors, and controls
  • Inspect blower housing, wheel, and motor
  • Measure and adjust blower for optimal airflow
  • Inspect, clean, and dust ignition assembly
  • Inspect flue assembly and test flue gas drafting mechanism
  • Measure heating system output.

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Our HVAC certified techs service virtually all models of residential central HVAC systems. Our maintenance plans are offered to residents in the general area of Round Rock, Georgetown, Hutto, Cedar Park, Pflugerville, Leander, and north Austin.

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