Replacing your HVAC equipment with a modern, high-efficiency system offers immediate energy savings on heating and cooling your home, often making your home more comfortable.

Choose Your HVAC Installer Carefully...It Matters!

Carefully consider the installation side of your new HVAC purchase vs equipment. The installation can make or break the maximum efficiency, comfort, and life expectancy of your new equipment.

To ensure your new system will operate at its full potential, we will address any leaking ducts, adjust air flow rates, and offer solutions to upgrade your insulation. This is key to your system running efficiently and maximizing your monthly energy savings.

On top of our extremely competitive pricing, we offer the best quality.

Installations in the Round Rock / Georgetown area. We offer same-day installations in some cases. All our full system replacements have a 10-year parts warranty and 2-year labor warranty.

Full Heating & A/C System Replacements Include

  • duct sealing
  • new plenums or sub-floor
  • float switch
  • Nest learning thermostat
  • concrete condenser pad
  • electrical whip
  • 2-year labor warranty
  • 10-year parts warranty.

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    When we explain your free estimate, we will discuss all your options for repairing your A/C or replacing the system. Choosing the correct size of your HVAC equipment and optimizing air flow is our specialty. We will not suggest you throw money at super-high SEER equipment that will not necessarily give you the best results in energy savings and comfort. We can help you make choices for your new HVAC system that will fit your budget and your home’s needs.

    How to Choose a New HVAC Wisely

    Here is the type of decision we help you make confidently. Consider 2 Round Rock residents that have a $7500 budget for an HVAC system installation.

    All-In on Higher SEER Unit

    Customer A spends all $7500 on a new system that has a higher SEER, as high as the budget will take them. It sounds like it will be super efficient, but neglects proper air flow and insulation.

    Customer A will find their system runs more trying to achieve the same desired room temperature that Customer B will enjoy. Because of greater heat gain / loss due to leaky ducts and insufficient insulation and poor return air flow problems, this system is not nearly efficient as it could be in spite of having spent more on a higher SEER system.

    Addressing the Whole System

    Customer B spends $6500 on a new HVAC system with an efficient SEER level for their home and the $1000 balance on upgrading insulation, addressing poor air flow issues, and sealing leaky ducts.

    Customer B will enjoy the energy efficiency and added comfort with a system that runs less with better air flow. Room temperature is more even and the set temperature is maintaining longer due to insulation upgrades. The end result is customer B has a much more comfortable home for the same investment, plus often saves more on monthly energy bills.

    HVAC Systems Installation Value Comparisons

    Carrier Performance Series HVAC Systems Installation

    High quality Carrier HVAC systems come with many features to help you control your home’s comfort level throughout the day and night, even when you are not home. Choosing this option will provide you with a 10-year manufacturer parts warranty on your investment.

    • Carrier Performance Series 16 SEER
    • High Efficiency Unit, Energy Star-Rated
    • Variable Speed Furnace with 2 Stages Of Heating
    • Quiet Operation with Compressor Sound Blanket
    • Single-Stage Operation
    • Filter Drier System Protection from Moisture and Contaminants
    • WeatherArmor Ultra™ protection
    • Non-ozone depleting Puron® refrigerant
    • Long Lifespan Due To Low and High Pressure Switch Protection
    • Nest Learning Thermostat
    best choice for quality and long-term value in a carrier hvac installation of a performance 16 unit

    Good Carrier HVAC Choice for Your Home

    While the Comfort series is intended for budget-conscious homeowners and landlords, the same reliable Carrier quality and modern features along with industry-competitive energy efficiency offers many benefits when replacing a HVAC system.

    • Carrier Comfort Series 16 SEER
    • Economic Installation of an Efficient Unit, Energy Star-Rated
    • Single-Stage Scroll Compressor
    • Filter Drier System Protection from Moisture and Contaminants
    • WeatherArmor Ultra™ protection
    • Non-ozone depleting Puron® refrigerant
    • Federal Tax Credit Available
    • Durable Equipment with Long Lifespan
    • Allergy Features All Carrier HVAC Units Are Known For
    good choice for carrier hvac installation of comfort 14 unit